Mike’s passion for outrigger canoe was sparked when he joined Hawaiian Canoe Club 25 years ago. Mike Giblin built his first canoe for the club and didn’t stop there.

Driven and inspired, Mike continued to develop designs and technology to take the sport he loved to a new place. Working in the tank laying up fiberglass Michael realized he needed more manufacturing muscle if he was to bring canoes to the world. Thus began the journey to build ozone.

As an athlete Mike excelled as a top performer in the Hawaii race circuit, as the sport grew so did his vision, and his responsibilities. While Mike is responsible for the direction of the company, he still manages to paddle every chance he gets.

Based in Maui, Hawaii the mecca of ocean sports and home to a strong paddling community. What started in a shed located in the middle of the sugarcane field to what is now a state of the art composite manufacturing facility, Mike’s company continues to find new life and reach into new directions.

A lean, efficient and quality focused operation. The Ozone factory is an industry example of what can be done by a small, private and mission driven company. Most recently Mike Giblin has been working with his brother-in-law Alex Aguera to create the GoFoil, a ground-breaking new product. The GoFoil is an example of innovation and forward-thinking that has exemplified Mike Giblin and his work.

Mike has most recently put his time into supporting Ozone designers Kai Bartlett and Johnny Puakea to build canoes that fit their specifics while incorporating Mike’s technique and design expertise.

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